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Achromatic Perfection

ABC Photography

In this assignment, I had to take photos of random things that looked like letters. These include as simple as a pen to more abstract things like cracks in the sidewalk. The easiest letters were ones with 90/45° angles like T,L,N,V, and X. The harder letters were ones that were more curved and had few…

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The bookface project involved me aligning parts of my body with book covers. For my first book, I chose HUMAN.4 by Mike A. Lancaster. I used the arm on the cover to flow into my real arm. I think the transition looks neat. The process for taking this picture was pretty easy because I knew…

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2023 Year End Review

As 2023 comes to an end, I’d like to reflect on my past experiences of the year. I’ve seen new places and met new people, I’ve made friends and lost some along the way. I’ve picked up new skills and one of those happen to be photography. I’ve taken pictures of random household objects, plants…

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Self Expression

Self expression is a way of showing ones true self, free from the judgement of others and the reaction of society. It’s important that we express ourselves or otherwise we would lose our individuality. I personally self-express through clothes and music. The song I chose is Revolution Radio by Green Day for my self-expression song….

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File Formats

There are many different file formats, and while I don’t quite know them all, I do understand their general concepts. The first is JPEG, which is compressed as the shot is being taken, resulting in a lower-quality image but allowing the image to take up less storage space. They can be utilized on almost every…

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Remembering the Impact

9/11 was a horrific day in history and was one of the worst terrorist attacks in United States history. I wasn’t alive during the tragedy but my parents were. I’ve seen footage and watched documentaries. The image I chose to display speaks to me on an emotional level. The framing of putting the firemen in…

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Hello and welcome to my page. My name is Samuel but I go by Sam. I usually spend my time hanging out with my friends on a call or in person. My favorite color is mid-tone grey(boring I know). My room is all achromatic and I love it. When I graduate, I’d like to become…

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